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18 Lite Double Half View Door

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Whether you need a left or right hinge door, these doors will meet your every need. Simple design, aluminium framing, and a sturdy built makes this door a winner.

Perfect for those looking for a bit more functionality than style.

You will appreciate the quality and solid construction that distinguishes our swing doors from others. The design and components allows this door to be used for commercial use.

The door are designed with rectangular riser muntin at the top and square riser muntin at the bottom half of the door.

They are remarkably suitable for commercial and residential buildings.

Provides more visibility and light flow in your space, the Half View doors are just what your house needs.

These doors are designed with Half View at the top and can be customized with or without riser muntin on the bottom half.

The 18 Lite Double Half View door is strong, durable and secure.

Flush bolts, Dead bolt Locks and Thumb entrance locks are installed with these doors as required.


Customized colours are available upon request.

All painted finishes are applied using powder coated finish, a high quality, durable and attractive finish for environmental changes.

Glass: 1/4 Float Glass

Material: Aluminium thickness 4 3/8''

Frame and panel Aluminium extrusions are 6063 T5 aluminium alloy. Hardware and all mechanical fastening devices are compatible with aluminium for sufficient strength and durability.


  • Single 32" W x 80" H & 36" W x 80" H
  • Double 60" W X 80" H & 72" W x 80" H