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Single and Double Shower Doors

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KAP framed Double Sliding or Single Swing door designs offer classic styling with a modern feel to your bathroom décor. The design options for using Double Doors in your bathroom are just as countless as they are for Single Doors.

Our Double sliding shower doors with durable rollers operate on rust-proof aluminium track, sliding smoothly past each other to allow entry into the shower.

KAP Single Swing Shower doors have continuous hinge with full length magnetic door latch for water tight closure and secure latching.

KAP Shower Doors provide durability and luxury with dual towel bars on each side of the doors, comes in a variety of popular sizes and are ideal for new construction or remodeling projects.

Chrome Sliding Shower Doors,  single swing and double slide, are glazed with Acrylic Glass which can be customize up to 72" H x 36" W single door. Tempered Glass is only available in 60" x 60".


Customized colours are available upon request.

All painted finishes are applied using powder coated finish, a high quality, durable and attractive finish for environmental changes.

Glass: 1/8 Acrylic or Tempered Glass

Material: Aluminium thickness 1 3/4''

Frame and panel Aluminium extrusions are 6063 T5 aluminium alloy. Hardware and all mechanical fastening devices are compatible with aluminium for sufficient strength and durability.