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Solid Core Door with Casement Window

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Kendra’s Aluminium Products Limited White / Bronze Single or Double Solid Core Door with either Solid Casement Window or Glass Casement Window Insert.

When confronted with unrelenting environmental conditions such as high humidity or caustic chemicals that quickly damage hollow doors, the Solid Core Door with Casement Window can fittingly withstand these challenges.

These aluminium doors are the perfect choice for the home, water and industrial facilities.These entrance doors provide an appealing, easy-care prospect.

They also offer an excellent stylish, up-to-date look.

These doors have a modern design, allows air flow and lighting and are a popular replacement to the wooden styled version kitchen doors.

These Aluminium doors are made with solid aluminium frame which diminishes wear and tear from everyday use.

They come in a variety of popular sizes for a customized look and are ideal for new construction or remodeling in homes or businesses.


Customized colours are available upon request.
All painted finishes are applied using powder coated finish, a high quality, durable and attractive finish for environmental changes.

Glass: 1/4" Laminated Glass or 3/16" Float Glass

Material: Aluminium thickness 4 3/4''

Frame and panel Aluminium extrusions are 6063 T5 aluminium alloy. Hardware and all mechanical fastening devices are compatible with aluminium for sufficient strength and durability.


  • Single 80" H x 32" W or 36" W
  • Double 80" H x 60" W or 80" H x 72" W
  • Customized sizes are available upon request.