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Full Decorative Residential Door

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The Full Decorative Residential Door is a High-definition Aluminium door that features decorative panel profiles that offers ultimate security.

Transform your home with timeless elegance and soft curves that harmoniously blend modern and classic style.

Double bored for easy installation of handle set and deadbolt lock.

Ready to install door with frame.

Full Decorative Residential Doors provide a safe and secure entrance with Tempered safety layered glass.

They are extremely durable and creates an attractive front or side entrance.

These Decorative Doors are built to prevent water absorption and resist rusting, shrinking, swelling and warping, requiring minimal maintenance for a long lasting exterior door.

Our Decorative Doors are available in different styles to provide just the right amount of lighting required.

KAP Decorative Doors come in standard sizes and are ideal for new construction or remodeling projects.


Customized colours are available upon request.
All painted finishes are applied using powder coated finish, a high quality, durable and attractive finish for environmental changes.

Glass: Tempered safety Glass 18mm
Material: Aluminium thickness 4 3/4''
Frame and panel Aluminium extrusions are 6063 T5 aluminium alloy. Hardware and all mechanical fastening devices are compatible with aluminium for sufficient strength and durability.

Material: Aluminium


  • Single 80" H x 34 1/4" W
  • Double 80" H x 63 ¼" W