Aluminium Casement Window

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Are you looking for a great window for your home that is easy to open and close? A casement window is the right option for you. A casement window hinges at the side and opens outward to the left or right. They are also known as crank windows, since they are opened with a handle that cranks the supporting arm of the window outward. Our casement windows open and close with ease due to their easy-turn, fold-down handle.

If you are looking for a window that offers ventilation, a casement window is a good choice. Casement windows are commonly used in places where maximum ventilation is desired, such as a kitchen or a bathroom. 

Open to a full 90° for easy cleaning from inside and controls wind or rain that enters into the space.

Aluminium casement windows are attractive and energy efficient.

They are widely used in balconies, shop windows, commercial properties and rooms.

The casement windows are paneled with glass and are framed with pure aluminium which is known as aluminium frame casement window.

These windows can be used in combination with different styles and shape to bring out a dramatic effect.


Customized sizes are available upon request.

Customized colours are available upon request.
All painted finishes are applied using powder coated finish, a high quality, durable and attractive finish for environmental changes.

Sizes: 18" W x 24"H to 60" W x 60"H


  • 3" framing
  • Window members shall be extruded from 6063-T5 aluminium alloy.
  • Hardware and all mechanical fastening devices are compatible with aluminium for sufficient strength and durability.
  • Glazed with 5mm thick float glass or 1/4" laminated glass
  • Removable Insect screens
  • Open to give 100% ventilation
  • Security Bars available upon request


  • Colonial Design
  • No Design


  • Stainless steel hinges
  • cam handles.